Sunday, November 29, 2009

As Seen by a Rebel

... a Canon Rebel, that is.

This photographic blog is just an outlet for me to post my photographic adventures and the beauty of the area I live in (specifically, the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State).

A little history... I used to focus my artistic urges into paintings and pencil drawings (and sculpting before that), but when the vagaries of life pulled us from our safe and comfortable existence in Oregon, and brought us up to Washington State... my muse went into mourning and refused to inspire me anymore.

In January of 2007, my husband gifted me with a 'starter camera.' Not a little pocket camera you can pick up for $99, but a nice mid-range one, capable of a variety of automatic and manual options. I spent about a year and a half happily snapping away at my world and chronicling important events in my life (i.e. the birth of my first grandchild). I joined an on-line group called "Pic-A-Day" that encouraged members to shoot and post at least one picture every day for a year. The idea was to hone our skills and create a community amongst ourselves. It was a smashing success and one I treasure. The group, although not disbanded, has morphed into something else, equally precious - but on a more private level.

Sadly, my little camera lacked the stamina to keep up with my zeal and the motor went kaput a couple of months ago. My mother, bless her heart, loaned me her old starter camera, but just wasn't the same. Again my muse refused to aid me and my photographic efforts were stilted and lacked passion.

BUT... yet again my mother came to my rescue. She chose to upgrade from her 2 year old Canon Rebel XTi and it was re-homed it with me. It's a whole new adventure, learning to use more advanced technology and having to study the art of digital photography if I want to make the best use of this gift.

So... here I am, chronicling (mostly for myself) my adventures and growth as a photographer. My world, as seen by a Rebel.

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