Monday, December 28, 2009

December Excursion

Port Townsend, WA ~ founded in 1851, is a city of 8,925 which prides itself on its historic charm, maritime heritage, and stunning natural setting.

What a lovely place... one I'd actually (think) I'd like to live in. On the water, mountain view (of both Cascades and Olympics), abundant wildlife and flora, fabulous art community and by all appearances, a lovely diverse and welcoming environment.

They're actively restoring 100+ year old Victorian buildings... with embellishments and bold color.They embrace the arts, support all levels of their community (The Boiler Room) with their Sunday Soup for Everyone... the corner bookstores and oddity storefronts.

I'm in love...

Perhaps, it's time to rethink our mailing address- or maybe, like many things - it is far better from an idealized distance, than the mundane reality... food for thought. A destination to look forward to....

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