Friday, December 4, 2009


Mr and Mrs Claus in a Hurry
Mr. & Mrs. Claus in a Hurry (2008)

Tomorrow marks our local, annual holiday parade. I'm looking forward to it. Unlike parades telecast over our nation's airwaves, this one is closely defined by the residents vs. a reaching out to as diverse an audience as possible.

I live in a rural area - this parade is hosted in my county's only "city." Last year, we were treated to festooned tractors, twinkling muscle cars and mini 4x4 monster trucks. Local schools played and Santa made his arrival heralded by our local Fire District.

I'm looking forward to what kind of images I capture with the newer camera. I'm debating whether to take the tripod or not. I want good, clear images, but I hesitate at the thought of being confined by the need to "set up." Not sure yet... but I think I may repeat last year's adventure without a stabilizer and enjoy a series of pictures that, although are not as sharp... express motion, adventure and the heart-tripping joy I associate with holiday events.

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