Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Blue Boat
"Little Blue Boat"

Recently, my family underwent great emotional duress following a false accusation of wrong-doing. It took nearly 7 months to close the matter... and many hours of lost wages, countless sleepless nights and a sense of helplessness I would never wish on another (although, being human, I did briefly entertain the thought of the mischief-maker's HUGE discomfort... but that's not my place to decide nor implement).

We've stayed strong as a family - being together, spending quality time doing things together and eschewing things we previously gave an inflated importance to... There have been tears, and raging and at times, a prevailing helplessness. We got through it together - and together we have been vindicated and exonerated. We survived the rough waters and made it home - together.

I cannot think of many things much sweeter than our victory hug and the overwhelming relief that our lives are ours again.

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